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ROUGE is exceptionally well-crafted VILA fashion. Carefully selected trim, sophisticated fabrics and delicate detailing make our ROUGE styles a little more remarkable, a little more extraordinaire. ROUGE is power, ROUGE is feminine. ROUGE is your elevated fashion experience.

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ROUGE is VILA’s newest sublabel. Both are part of the Danish family-owned company BESTSELLER. After its foundation in 1994, VILA has grown rapidly and has found its signature look: a collection for the young woman with an individual and feminine style. ROUGE offers an extension of the VILA brand: the DNA is identical, but you will find more luxurious, refined materials and delicate details in the collections.


ROUGE offers four collections per year. The ROUGE collections are dominated by a feminine appeal with a hint of coolness and attitude, visible through a range of timelessly relevant, beautifully crafted and perfectly fitted items. ROUGE items show an uncompromising quality and are designed to live beyond the season.



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